Why I chose Holistic Counseling

There are many reasons for this choice. I will make a list of why below

  • I wanted to help people, especially children and the lonely elderly as well as those struggling with no one really helping or listening
  • Having always been a person who has believed in a higher power and spirituality it was and is a perfect fit
  • Medications are necessary for some people but not all. Often times we have been prescribed medications for life events that we can solve or resolve medication-free – leaving our bodies healthier and our minds. Sometimes also a herbal remedy or essence is just as appropriate – and I will make a post about many of them.
  • I have always been a solver – I like to be involved and help how I can, but without the education to know what is and what is not appropriate – such as the “if I were you” approach is inappropriate – I never knew that! And it was something I had said and demonstrated for years – never realizing it is basically dismissive and disempowers my friend or colleague from the ability to resolute the issue themselves. Also, there is the “Oh, yes, I know what you mean” and off the speaker goes about situations that relate to the friend’s issue at hand – NOT a good way to help anyone- It is something we have all done to “relate” to the issue and believe innocently that it comforts them – but the reality is – the whole thing goes from your friend’s issue to YOURS! Not helpful.
  • I also love that this is not meant to keep a client entangled in therapy for years – its purpose is to empower the client so they are spiritually armed for the situation they came in for but also situations like it in the future. This kind of counseling is to EMPOWER you to connect with your inner resources.!

Any Questions?

Just ask, I am always happy to assist and my true desire is to empower as many people as I possibly can.