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What Do You Really Know?

In a world filled with answers at our fingertips, we can get the answers to anything about spirituality – but can we really?

Common Answers to Our Questions

  • If you just train your brain
  • If you would meditate for 11 minutes every day
  • If you meditate enough maybe you will be able to connect with your highest expression, and maybe you will have your own Abraham or Billy Fingers
  • If you meditate enough your spirit guides may speak directly to you
  • If you change your diet (organic)
  • If you meditate on specific topics
  • If you listen to binaural beats
  • If you stay positive
  • If you always think positively and get rid of negative people
  • If you love yourself first
  • If you high-five yourself in the mirror
  • If you get your space clean and organized you will declutter your mind
  • If you follow the simple 10 steps to wholeness
  • If you do vision boards you will manifest your desires
  • If you pay $ amount of dollars someone will access your akashic record
  • If you meditate enough you may connect, using your 3rd eye to the pleidians to receive messages for earth
  • You can heal your body of anything, you just have to believe it.
  • numerology and synchronicity
  • and the list could go on and on

I am not suggesting any of these are wrong, impossible, or fanciful –

I do know Mel Robbins is most famous for the High-Five Habit and I did try it and she is not wrong, it feels awkward initially but over time it also feels great. Meditating on specific topics helped me a great deal, I have a library of them if you are interested in a session with me. Train your brain takes work but I agree that can be one of the best things we can do and you do that by repetition with your habits and vibration- if you would like to know more contact me using my contact page. I am reading a book by Michael A, Singer called the untethered soul – the journey beyond yourself and I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with any of the above-listed ideas. Loving yourself goes without saying but there is more to it than just loving yourself. Numerology and astrology for that matter, in my opinion, are real and I enjoy and use both. The reference to Abraham is the very popular Abraham Hicks publications which I love, and the reference to Billy Fingers is a book by Annie Kagan titled “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” a story about her departed brother. I read the book and I recommend it to anyone struggling with grief. My youngest brother suddenly died in 2013, and it helped me a great deal. I do know that decluttering your home is one of the best things you can do for your mind, mood, and comfort. When the home is cluttered we generally don’t want to be in it, the exception to that is more likely a hoarder who has an undiagnosed OCPD/ADHD, and depression according to my studies and also the website Thinking positively is great for you but don’t lie to yourself, if you are upset or angry about something, don’t bury it under the guise of a smile, if you don’t address it properly, I promise you it will eventually keep resurfacing in the mind until you do. Removing negativity isn’t about them – again, it is about you. Spirituality is all about meditation and all things “organic” so it’s a no-brainer I fully agree. What I can’t agree with or know for certain is how long it will take YOU to get where you want to be, to accomplish what you want to and 11 minutes may not be enough. Everyone is different and there are so many people yelling into our ears “just do this” I have heard and read many of the opinions of others and shook my head in horror reading & hearing some of the “information” being thrown out there by well-intentioned people trying to help or perhaps people just trying to capitalize on a subject that is growing and just wants to make money, either way completely wrong advice and upon looking for their education in the area of spirituality, finding none that qualifies them to give any teachings in the subject. I did attend and graduated from a college in Australia to be qualified as a Master Holistic Counselor and Therapist and you can find that information under the “education” tab.

What Do I Know?

I know that there are no absolutes, there isn’t a one size fits all, and there isn’t – for me – any easy out or answer.
If you understand, even just a little human behavior and patterns then you understand how all of this information is just too much to process, you ask yourself how can I fit all of this into my everyday life? The truth is most couldn’t so most practice what is easiest – positivity and removing negative people – not understanding the negativity that you are to remove is your own, not that of someone else, they are responsible for their life, and you aren’t.

I really don’t have all the answers – I am taught we are here to love, to be generous with love, compliments, and assistance, to create harmony in our own lives, and to do what we can to remove negativity – not from others, but from ourselves – this isn’t about them, it’s about me and whoever is reading this – it’s about you and not them. That we have inner resources that we can tap into to solve and resolve our issues and also receive answers and I can help you obtain that.

If anything on the list worked for you that is great! I’d love to hear about it.

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