What is Holistic Counseling

Holistic Counseling is the recognition and the support of the mind body and spiritual connection.

To explain this, I’m going to use some examples

1.) when you’re really worried about something – that would be something heavily on your mind where you may not be able to sleep well and when you can’t, that is showing that it affects your body! So there is your mind and body connection

2.) If you’re really exhausted; mentally and physically, and you work a full-time job or you’re a very busy person in any respect you may wish for a break, and then you come down with the flu or a severe cold the provides you with that break. I’m not talking about a very sore throat, sneezing constantly, a runny nose or a very stuffy nose accompanied by a terrible headache and extreme tiredness. There is your mind and body connection.

3.) My last example might be that you have to finish a project that you may not have even started and you only have hours or a day or two to finish it. Some people are driven by this – for example – type A personality, but for most people they become very stressed by this and may experience not feeling well, every tired, a headache, watery eyes. this is your mind and body connection.

This is just a very small example of the mind body and spirit connection.

Now our spiritual connection is when we’re in these situations and we’re dealing with these stresses we take 5 minutes close our eyes remove everything from our mind breathe in and breathe out and count our breaths as we inhale, and we continue to do this and so we feel our body has relaxed. You can also listen to my visualization meditations with your eyes closed to help you relax, and you will relax. That’s just one example of your spiritual connection that you can use for relaxation, but you can also use spirituality to heal your body, to connect with your higher self or your spirit guide which will give you guidance and support, but we will talk more about that and another post.

Your connection with your higher power would be the best connection that you ever make in your life.