Mountain View Meditation


Lisa Cliffe©2021

Mountain View Visualization Exercise

Imagine it is a sunny day, with a clear blue sky, and you are standing on top of the mountain, feeling the gentle, warm breeze through your hair and upon your skin.

You hear the flow of water coming from across the mountain and see water running down the huge rocks

your eyes follow it down to the bottom, you see the clear, splashing pool of water surrounded by rocks , and tall green trees with wildflowers growing through the thick grass, tasting the scent of the flowers.

You can see the butterflies fluttering around the flowers as you catch the glimmer of the sun dancing on top of the stream of water below.

As you look up toward the soft blue sky, you see the ridge-line of the mountain range and its contrast to the sky.

With your arms stretched out, looking over the water and rocks, you take a deep breath as you immerse your senses into your surroundings, and hold that feeling until you are ready to return to the present moment.
Created and written by: Lisa M Cliffe on 11/23/2021.