Crystals to Heal

The crystal’s energetic vibrations interact with our body’s energetic vibrations – an energy exchange that can promote psychological healing and overall well-being.

A four-thousand-year-old papyrus from Egypt, and other papyri from around 1500 BC, describe medical cures using various crystals.

You should always use a stone you feel connected to or drawn to. Hold your chosen crystal in your hand while meditating, or you can place it on a chakra for healing a particular area.  For reference, Chakras are as follows: The chakras are located at the crown of the skull, pineal gland (brow), thyroid (throat), heart, solar plexus, genitals(sacral), and perineum (base) and you would use crystals with points and the points facing either to the sky or to earth when laying them on the body. The color you should use should match the chakra, for example, the crown is violet so you would consider an amethyst crystal for that area.

It is important to note that crystals need to be cleaned of negative energy after every use. You can smudge them with sage, place them under the moonlight, expose them to the wind, or cleanse them with cool purified water, never use hot water.

You can select a stone based on your astrological sign — tell me your zodiac sign and I will give you some good suggestions!!

Here I will make a short list of psychological conditions causing physical symptoms – and which stone is best for use in healing,

1.) Addiction – Amethyst for withdraw

2.) Anger – Smoky Quartz

3.) Death – acceptance – Rose Quartz.

4.) Depression – Moonstone.

There are so many more that we can discuss in a counseling session, that include how to attract abundance using a crystal or heal envy.

Which ever crystal(s) you are drawn to – be sure to energetically connect with the crystal, hold it, keep it in your sight in the home, meditate with it, and ask it questions when you feel you have connected with it.

If you are interested in learning more about a crystal for a specific situation, just ask! I am happy to give you as much insight as you need.

Thanks for reading.