Automatic Writing

If you want to access your inner knowledge – do automatic writing as often as you like.

Automatic writing is just writing – no worries with punctuation, your language (meaning if you cuss in or not), do not focus on spelling either – just write!

You will find the more you do this the more patterns you see as well as gain insight into the answers. Your inner knowledge will come through also and you will begin to realize that you are writing things that you did not consider before, it is truly fascinating.

Be sure to add the date and time.


Use a topic that tends to creep into your mind a lot – something that needs to be resolved, write for about five minutes or more if you are in the flow.

You can also use a topic on something you are wanting to manifest – such as a relationship, money, real estate, etc.

Let me know how you go with it

After you do this, let me know how it went for you, did it help you resolve an issue or at least gain clarity?