This is the scientific study of the mind and behavior which involve the subconscious mind and the conscious mind as it relates to our thoughts which affect our behavior and affects our health and all of our relationships, including the relationship with self. It is truly multifaceted.

The subconscious mind is very powerful and yet most are not aware of what it is or what is in it – and /or how the information got into it. I always envision this “dark watery vat that is infinitely deep and yet so full of light resting way up toward the top” when I consider the magnitude and power of this part of our awareness.

Our conscious mind is active all the time as well – we make decisions with it, write, spell, think, consume information – words and numbers and form opinions, and express. It is our active thoughts and beliefs entangled with new information and connecting with how we feel or think about something – it is memory-based as well and where instant recall comes from – it is our awareness and it is incredible what our brain is capable of.

Psychology is part of the foundation for Holistic Counseling.

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