Real Spirituality

This is about your relationship with yourself – it’s knowing who you are, what is going on around you and inside of you, it is knowing about and connecting with your higher self, your spirit guide and doing your best to maintain stability within yourself –

Spirit guide

This is your protector and confidant it can be some ancestor of yours that was assigned to you before you were even born, it can be someone with who you had a great relationship a lifetime before you entered this one, and it can also be someone you do not know, and has the task set before them of protecting you and guiding you but can only do so if you participate by trusting your intuition, and using meditation to talk to them, they will give you answers and those can come to you by a thought or idea that you had not considered before, it can be a soft whisper, and through sign and symbols.

Higher Self

This is the ultimate of vibrational energy and what some might call bliss. This is YOU in your spiritual self – and it will never lower its vibration to make you feel more comfortable and it also gives you signs- Take for example you think about doing something and you get that nagging awful feeling in your gut – that is your higher self saying ” I don’t agree” it is not a right or wrong it is “I do not agree”. When you think, for example, of bad things that happened in your life, and you feel down and your energy is low – that is not where you belong my friend, you belong in the present and when your energy is that low, your higher self does not agree with that thought process because the past is gone, all you have is the present and that is where you need to be. We often are told “you need to heal from that past experience and so sit with it”, okay, if you want o to feel that way – or instead you can say “you know what? What is done is done, I can’t change that and I can’t go back and recreate a different outcome, so I am going to take what I learned from that and look around me and find something to be grateful for and lift my vibration (energy) and I am going to live my life in the now and fully and happily and I am going to dream of better tomorrow but I am right now –going to take my time and be thankful for the present that I am now in.

The Downfall

This will be anything counter to what I just wrote about – I have a right to be angry!!!! I have a right to be sad!!! I have a right to feel disrespected!! I went through so much, and I have a right to be upset about it!!! And I know how important it is to come to terms with energies like that and that is where I can help you – but remember you also have the right to:

The Upside

Decide that is not how you want to feel despite your brain’s determination to remind you of what he or she did or said, but instead say “I have control of my thoughts, I, therefore, have complete control of my destiny”. You can’t have both, I am happy to say. Choose NOW, choose happiness, choose to be in CONTROL.

Your Thoughts

Your mind is incredibly powerful and you can use it to be unwell, to be chronically unwell, to be depressed and to be miserable OR you can use it to manifest your dream life, you can use it to heal yourself – you just need to put that brain of yours in check – it has been programmed after all and that is not your fault – you are responsible to retrain your brain by using counter methods – Think a negative thought? Immediately counter with a positive thought – How?


You may need to sit and write down a list of things that make you happy – on a weekly basis – also use a gratitude journal and that can be a notebook – you don’t need to buy a “gratitude journal” but it is best to actually handwrite that – either in a notebook or a purchased Journal (I have one on amazon which is posted on the main page) – anyway – you need to have a “go-to” list if you have a mindset that goes to the negative a lot – or the past – bad experiences, etc – and so when that comes to mind, be prepared to say to your mind, “you know what? I am NOT thinking about that crap – let’s think about this and do it – eventually stop the banter and just replace it with your happy thought that has NOTHING to do with that person or event. How yummy your first glass of juice/cup of coffee or tea is in the morning, how comfy your lounging clothes are, how pretty a rose or your favourite flower is, anything that brings you joy and happiness. Clean smelling sheets, nature, a special tree or plant – literally anything that you know brings you happiness and do this every single time.


One of – if not the most important things you need to do for yourself every day.