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Why Do We Love Crime Shows?

I am not sure about you, but I watch them on television, on YouTube and I also watch interrogations as well. I also notice these sites have well over a million viewers on EACH. One of the things I find interesting is that corresponding sites that delve into the psychology behind some of these criminals also have millions of viewers.

What About the Psychology of Those Who Watch Them?

I have thought about this, but have not yet looked into it. I am going to, but first – before my thoughts are influenced by other professionals, I want to share my thoughts on why we love these types of shows so much.

This list is for people who are curious and aren’t sure why:

  • Could you be trying to get ahead of a criminal in some way? Like, knowing how they mostly operate and swearing you won’t put yourself in that position.
  • Could it be that all of that darkness satisfies your subconcious desire to know that you live a happy life.
  • Could it be that they satisfy the dark aspects of yourself?
  • Is it possible that it provides an opportunity for you to “be” better than other people (I refer to the criminal) and can publically shame them and everyone involved with the criminal – specifically those who love the criminal and even helped raise them? I ask because I see this more than I would like to in the comment section.

This list is for those who know they love scary movies, gore and don’t really have an interest in what makes these people tick.

  • Do you think you love to be scared watching a movie because it’s a challenge to see if the movie is good enough to actually scare you?
  • Could you enjoy these movies because you like the adrenalin rush?
  • Is it possible that subconciously you want to just feel brave? I know that sounds silly but if you know a movie is going to make you scared to get up and get a drink, and you watch it anyway — isn’t that some form of courage?

How Do You Feel After Watching an Interrogation Video?

I get mixed feelings, but the truth is, none of those feelings is good. When I consider the concept that “what you put into (feed) your mind, shapes your thought process, reality and can affect your dream state” I am reminded to take what I watch and read more seriously.

Sometimes I feel so bad for the criminal due to the circumstances surrounding the event and the desperate way they tried so hard to lie (self-preservation) and in that situation, I believe a natural state of being for most people- and other times, I am glad I was not present so that I did not allow the rage I felt to be inflicted upon the criminal.

The Differences Betwen YouTube Channels and Movies.

I do not watch scary movies and I don’t watch television shows that show too much “gore” and my definition of that is – the actual murder, the corpse, a lot of blood or crime scene photos that show too many bodily fluids as well as a badly injured corpse. However; Channels like “That Chapter” for example, explain what happened and I can digest that better, I don’t have to actually see what happened. And, “Mike” from that channel has a nice easy way of telling the story, using photos and some footage when available, with none of it being repulsive.

Yet, I still don’t feel good after watching them, so I wonder why do I?

I think I am one of those people who want to understand and see the different situations that lead up to the crime, and I believe that is an unconscious desire to be prepared, and if that is true, that would, in my opinion, make a person who actually lives in fear. I find that hard to believe but that makes sense to me because I can’t think of another reason unless it is my life-long curiosity about human behaviour. It isn’t as if every show or video later gives the psychology behind the crime and of the criminal, whereas then you would learn more about personality types, triggers for them, and what to consider before befriending a person with those traits. Forewarned… But that is not the case. so what could the reasons be?

Here are Links to Explain the Psychology

From those two articles, I can see that I did get many correct, while there are others that I hadn’t considered.

This is why I love the internet, books and discussions – there is something of value that each and every one of us can bring to a conversation.

My Journals on Amazon if your interested.


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